I’m Definitely Cole

There has been some controversy over who I am recently, so I’d like to make this very clear: I am definitely Cole. If you don’t believe me, I’ll just tell you all about myself.

I am a mostly relaxed person with a passion for too many things so I’ll just explain the important bits. I am a dancer who used to teach an Advanced Hip Hop class here in Eugene, OR. I am an aspiring sketch artist. I like to be around my best friends, my family, my cat, and my girlfriend (no particular order). I decided on a multimedia degree because of my experience with so many different types of production and creation. I’ve directed shows, I’ve been a choreographer, I’ve been a band manager and written my share of poetry. All of this among dabbling or more in other forms of art.

Really what I want to do after I finish the Media Arts Program is become a podcast host. Sure I could do that without school, but what I feel will benefit me is a versatile baseline to work from. I want experience in more fields of media and I want to be great at it. I know what work I have to do to get there and I’m ready for it.

by: Cole Brown

5 thoughts on “I’m Definitely Cole

  1. John Adair

    So, Cole, what exactly is this controversy you speak of? Do you have a evil doppelganger out there wreaking havoc on the world? *GASP*! Or YOU’RE the evil one?

  2. Morgan Murphy

    Wow Hip Hop! That’s awesome. I am way too uncoordinated for that… I think the multimedia program will be super fun. I initially was interested in Graphic Design, but I switched to Multimedia after last term! The Graphic Design program is too competitive for me. I was a podcast host with my best friend in high school! It was so fun! I have always wanted to start my own podcast, but I never have felt like what I have to say is interesting enough to carry a show.

  3. Sarah Stuart

    Hi Cole!
    Nice to meet you. Your blog title is awesome. Your cat looks like such a buddy and hip hop dance is hard! I have always been athletic, yet even with classes, I have not been able to get low! Lastly, we obviously need to geek about podcasts.

  4. Nicholas Nakamura

    It seems as if you are very good at a number of things and the fact that you know what you have to do to get where you want to be is very motivational. A podcast explaining how you got into your passions (unless the podcast has a set topic) would be interesting in my opinion.

  5. Timothy

    Wait. Are you sure you’re really Cole? Wait, no. Yeah, you’re definitely Cole.
    You seem like a really well-rounded fella. I don’t know too many who’ve dwelled in mediums as widely as you have. I’m sure that no matter where you end up, there’ll be something waiting fer ye.

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