Radio Advertisement

For this assignment I decided to go for a Radio advertisement one because it sounds like it would be fun and two because I have a little bit of skill when it comes to recording sounds for audio. The audio is a gorilla tape advertisement where the gorilla tape spokesperson brings in a satisfied customer. While I was working on this project I learned that getting audio to be perfect is really hard and I also learned that I need to work more on how to use audacity. I learned that if you want to get the best product for audio you need to sit down with the voice actors / helpers and read and try to memorize the scripts so you won’t have to worry about reading from a page.

I tried to implement the advertising technique of repetition by the spokesperson and the customer say how durable and strong the tape actually is. I also used the technique of ” be more human ” by bringing in an actual customer and let them describe their experience with gorilla tape in everyday situations.

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