So with this project, I worked diligently to instill a feeling of relief into anyone who listens to it. In my audio, I tell a story with minimal dialogue. I used the sounds to help decide the place, the weather, and the overall vibe of the story. I used my project from another class as the bases, then I went from there, adding and taking away different parts and reworking the overall flow of the audio by taking multiple steps.

The story I was trying to convey was a story of someone who just got home from a long day of work in the rain and walks through the rain to their place of residence to enter and be greeted by their roommate. After that, they proceed to walk into their bedroom, turn on some tunes and draw. There are many things that people do to relax every day and I just wanted to convey another way to relax. I hope this audio conveys relief and relaxation after a long day.

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