F20-P1-About Me

Hello, My name is Heather Bolton, and I am a Multimedia Design Major at Lane Community College. I hope to fill this blog with samples of my work throughout my school days, and would like to continue contributing as my portfolio expands. I look forward to filling this with beautiful works of my own to show you my creativity.

A little about me. I am a Wiccan Minister, at the age of 45 I have been practicing Wiccan Religion for 30 yrs. I started learning about Wicca at age 15, and fell in love with the practice of worshiping nature. My previous college experience was as a Drama Major. Primarily backstage craft work, such as prop creation, costuming, set building, and a little acting in there too. I am also a Gamer, which means all kinda of gaming, from PC games, to card and board games. And yes that includes Dungeons and Dragons, as well as some Live Action Roleplaying. I am a California Refugee, as I like to call it. Moved up to Oregon in December of 2019. It was not an easy move, we had to live in my car for three months, and I got very ill. I was hospitalized with Merca, Flu turned into Pneumonia in my lungs. I was in the hospital for two weeks, and when I left I was on oxygen because my lung capacity was down 25% after they drained all the fluids from me. I was on antibiotics for about a month after I left the hospital as well that was administered on a picc line in my arm and a mechanical pump. It was not an easy recovery, because at the time I got out of the hospital was the beginning of the American Pandemic. I was forced to Quarantine myself from the outside world during most of this. And still have breathing issues, though I am doing a lot better. This near-death experience however, did do one thing for me, it showed me life is too short not to be doing something every day that brings you joy. So I joined Lane Community College in pursuit of finding my creativity joy.