Final project – Fan pv

I decided to make a fan made pv for the final because it has always just been a dream project of mine. Since I had the resources, I took the opportunity and I’m glad I did. I feel like I kinda won for my eleven year old self. 

The story is kind of just how I interpreted this song. Searching for your love. 

The music is done by kikuo. Who is amazing. 

When I listened to it for the first time, I imagined it being just a normal love song but the singer was really dependent on who he was missing. When I looked at the original music video and the lyrics, I was like “ oh this is about a child.” So I wanted to express the feelings I envision when listening to it. Probably doesn’t make sense but another way to think about it is like this:

You know when you’re listening to moody or emo music in the car and you have that really moving movie play in your head while you gaze out the window. 

Yeah, I wanted to make that movie a reality.

So walla:

                      how to make your mother cry – animated.

 But yeah! Production was painful but it was done. I took a few days to rough storyboard and practice drawing more of the difficult scenes. Then I didn’t work for like a week until my friend came to me in a dream. She was showing me this amazing dnd animation she made. Knowing we had 3 weeks, I asked her how long it took to make. She told me 3 months. SO…

I woke up both literally and motivated. Frantically ready to work.

I worked on the animations everyday since that dream so maybe a week and a half?  I drew everything in clip studio paint then edited them in with the music into the premier. I edited and drew at the same time because I kept getting more Ideas when listening and plugging the scenes into the music.

The final product story is about a boy who is neglected by his mom. His mom is preoccupied with an abusive partner and she suffers from depression. But its also up to interpretation.

As a take away, This project proved to me I can make pv’s so I will definitely make another. I keep finding things I dislike about this video the more I work on it so I’m going to leave it be. I think it’s just perfectionism and if I over work it, I will probably ruin it like a lined drawing.

MUSIC: Kikuo

Kikuo’s original upload:

His website:

His niconico:

4 thoughts on “Final project – Fan pv

  1. Gyllian Mullins

    WOOOWWWWWWW. I am speechless, this is so well done, the animation, the music, the editing, Incredible! Wooowww????????

  2. Anne

    So well done! There’s a refined artistic quality to this that makes it top notch. Part of it is the drawings and how parts of them move and others don’t — subtle and sophisticated. Part of it is how it flows with the music perfectly. Excellent job, Baillie. (And good for you for letting it be — so hard for perfectionists to do!)

  3. Traci

    Wow Bailey! I am consistently impressed with the worlds you create! The animation style is beautiful and the content is so sweet and haunting. I’d also like to mention your striking use of color. I watched this a few times and can’t get enough of it!

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