Apartment Gardening

Since the weather is starting to get warmer I decided to do a gardening video with a twist. There is no space or any land to garden in my apartment so I though it would be cool to show a time laps of a tomato plant growing. The twist is that it is actually made of paper. I chose a tomato because they grow well in the summer time and with that right around the corner I thought it fit the theme perfectly. 

This assignment was really fun and i was very excited about what I wanted to record or do, and when this idea popped into my brain its all I could think about. The whole video is also a stop motion. I’ve made one other stop motion before but not within the length requirements we had to meet. This is where the challenge came in. It took about a week for me to cut out all the individual parts and pieces for the plant and about half that time to actually assemble everything. Although it was quite tedious I think it was totally worth it. I thought working with paper was going to be easier than I thought I tried so many ways of trying to glue everything together and found that the best way was super glue it was instant and strong. Please don’t ask me how many times my fingers got stuck together. The next challenge i had was actually when I went out to shoot. The wind was not on my side and all of my plants and smaller pieces kept blowing away. But maybe it was a sign because after shooting I didn’t really like the footage I had, so I went out the next day and reshot and the wind was on my side that day. 

Hopefully this video inspires you to go out and plant something real or for those who don’t have a green thumb to decorate with paper plants :).

5 thoughts on “Apartment Gardening

  1. Baillie Robinson

    This is super cute. Your paper plant is really impressive haha. good work! I actually never thought about indoor gardening out of a pot before.

  2. Kristen Chunn

    This video was super cute! I loved watching the little plant grow! I’ve always wanted to grow some plants and this video is wanting me to get some seeds! Great job!!

  3. Anne

    So adorable! I love when the plant gets too big to fit in the screen and I laughed out loud when the tomatoes ripened. This is so clever and cute I can barely stand it.
    Your xacto knife skills are definitely professional level.

  4. Carlos Padilla

    I think you executed the stop motion idea well. It really feels like time is passing by and the plants are growing with each passing moment. I’m actually in the process of growing my own tomato and tomatillo plants !

  5. Aubrey Crossley

    Epic way to show that planting can be done simply! the stop motion idea was also a I like how decorative it looks! it’s cool its a paper plant this was is impressive!

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