Living As A Human

Audio Project “Living As A Human” A poem by Erin Hanson

For my audio project, I decided to read the poem “Living As A Human”, by Erin Hanson. She is a young Australian poet who is in her early twenties. I love most of her poems and am often surprised by her insight.
This was a fun project and I look forward to doing more. I had a few issues along the way but it worked out. I had to write in code to get my computer to allow Soundcloud to use my microphone. Who knew?! I was able to record myself and then added music by Chronotope Project. I was listening to the radio a few months back and really liked what I heard. I had Siri listen and tell me what song I was listening to. I looked him up and sent him an email asking him if I could use his music for my project. Turns out he is a local and his wife teaches at LCC! Small world. If you like meditative music, you should check it out.
I also tried making my own music with my Kaossilator, which is an electronic instrument with a touchpad. It has hundreds of built-in options plus the added bonus of being able to upload and store your own sounds. I had fun with it but ultimately had to ditch the idea because I’m still learning my new gear. I can make sound effects at home but I need to learn the ins and outs of my new(ish) computer before I can really make it work. I might even sell some sounds at some point. I love having fun with my electronic instruments.
I looked at a lot of sites to find sound effects. Wow, the world wide web is a big place. It sure is easy to get lost in everything there is to see.
I utilized sound effects from They’ve got a lot of fun stuff and it’s nice and organized, especially compared to some of the other free sound effects sites. I’m looking forward to creating more sounds! Except I probably won’t read anything. I don’t like the sound of my voice. Hahaha

4 thoughts on “Living As A Human

  1. jimila

    I like the background music that you chose for your content, it is perfectly matching. I also like you tone to read this poem, especially the beginning of the poem, I think it would make it better if you can slow a bit in reading some part of the poem with a changed tone with more mention.

  2. Kristen Chunn

    This was such a nice and calm audio! I really enjoyed the music that went along side this poem. I found it to be very calm and relaxing to listen to! Great work !!

  3. Traci Crimmins

    I really enjoyed your project. It sounded very polished and the pacing was perfect. I agree with Jimila that some parts could have been a bit slower to match the feeling of the piece, but I don’t think that anything really needs to change. Solid choice and production!

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