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By Sarah Felten

Hello everyone, my name is Sarah and I am very excited to jump into this spring term at Lane! Me and my two siblings were home-schooled from kindergarten all the way up through high school, so when I first attended Lane in the fall of 2019 it was a brand new experience for me. This is my third term at Lane and I am currently working toward earning my degree in multimedia design. Through Lane I have discovered that multimedia design is where my strengths and talents lie. I love drawing and photography, as well as singing, making stories, doing makeup, spending quality time with family and friends, and spending time outdoors.

I don’t have a clear career plan after I complete Lane’s Media Arts program, but I do have several ideas of what I would be interested in pursuing. For the past few years I have really been wanting to start a YouTube channel, but I haven’t pushed myself to actually do it. I’m hoping that after this program I will have gained enough confidence in my multimedia skills to finally make myself start a channel.  Along with that, my friend and I have been recently discussing doing a podcast together, which we will hopefully begin working on as soon as we no longer have to be quarantined. Lastly, I would love to someday have my own, small photography business. Last term I took photography 1 at Lane and learned a great amount of skills and techniques for photography and I have really enjoyed pursuing that further. 

That’s pretty much it about me. Thank you so much for reading and getting to know me. Stay safe everyone!

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ruby Jude Jay-Mustafa

    Hi Sarah,
    I loved seeing that you talked about wanting to start a YouTube channel! I feel the exact same way. Having a sucesful youtube career would be one of my dream careers, but I’ve always had too much doubt in myself to pursue it seriously. Heres hoping for the both of us that we’re able to hone our skills though the multimedia program and have the confidence to do what we want to do!

  2. Stacy Sellers

    That’s a big change going from home school to community college!
    You should totally start a YouTube channel! How exciting.
    What kind of podcast would you do?

  3. Jimila

    I like your smile! It seems many people here interesting in a Youtub channel, account me in. This is my frist term at LCC, I hope I can learn more like what you did. I am very happy to meet so many wonderful people here who have some interest. Maybe we can be together to do a group presentation at the course for our idea of Youtube channel. @ Ruby Jude


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