Gym Life

Wow, time flies we already at the end of the term. But for this project, I got to do something that I really enjoy. The gym is a place where I go when I have a lot of stress, so I did my video on simple steps to stay in shape, also these workouts can get your muscles big if you work hard. This video was more complicated than what I thought. I had to find someone that goes to the gym, so he could help me do these workout for me. So I told one of my friends and he said he would do it, he told me the day and time. But he had other things that came up to his way so I was struggling to find someone. I finally found this other friend; and I told him about it and we start filming the next day after. 

I enjoyed the filming as always. The only thing I struggled with was not filming myself because there were mirrors all around me, but still I think in one of the videos I was too focused on filming that I forgot about it and filmed myself. Then it came the hardest thing, editing it, there’s always problems with the editing. It was so stressful, I had all the videos ready when something happened and they were gone, so I had to redo it all again. I didn’t include any diet or protein in there because that would take longer. But if you have a skinny body like I do then you should eat and drink a lot of protein if you are trying to get big and muscular. This is for men only because I don’t know anything about women workouts. This is what I was able to come up with I hope those workouts will help anyone if they’re trying to get some muscles or just to get rid of stress. I hope you enjoy.       

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