You and I

For this project, I wanted to make a mockumentary based on a show that I liked however that would’ve ended up being way longer than three minutes. So I decided to re-create a cute video I made for my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. It’s a little music video with the song called the “Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson.” The general idea of the song is that she will do all of this stuff for the person she loves because that person accepts her for who she is and that kind of resonated with my relationship. In the original video, it was just pictures of drawings that I had done. In the new video, I wanted to clean up the drawings on illustrator and animate them through Adobe aftereffects. The reason for this is because I wanted to add a bit more movement within the video and I think I was pretty successful at that with all the animations. One thing I almost forgot upon rendering my video was that I’m not allowed to be in it. This allowed me to be a little more creative and use stuffed animals, props, as well as Photos to represent our personalities together. One thing that I loved about making this video was putting so much time into the designs made from illustrator. They may not look it but it was pretty hard to make every single pose and movement for these characters. If I were to do things differently I would probably put more time into the animation of the actual video. I think the hardest thing for me about this project was rendering everything. It took a long time to render my videos and I also had to stack other videos on top of videos from after effects to Premiere Pro. Overall I think I definitely got my point across for our little love story along with the song.

By: Kaitlynn DuBois