Final Project- Voice Acting Demo

I have always been interested in voice acting, but have never taken steps at attempting to get better at it in the hopes that I may be able to get paid for it! When Jojo Jensen visited the class, that longtime interest was sparked and so I thought, hey- I have access to a decent mic via equipment check-out- I should give this a go and practice! At first, I thought of doing a demo with many different categories such as cartoon, medical, etc, but I thought I should just try one category. Jojo said when there are demos on your site, they need to be broken up and organized into specific categories anyway, because potential clients don’t care about the other voices- they are focusing on the voice they may need from you and it would waste their time to have it all in one demo. So I chose commercials. I tried to go for 4 “tones”- for the creamer commerical, I tried soothing. For the toy store commercial, I tried upbeat and more fast-paced. For the brewery commerical, I chose laidback. For the zero-waste store, I chose a little more serious and informative. It was difficult to get them to sound distinct enough, and I hope after the many, many takes I did, that finally came across. It is absolutely not as easy as it seems and there are so many subtleties to pulling it off. This is just a practice, which I will continue to do until I improve. I wanted the B-roll to be simple and non-distracting, but set the tone for what the commerical is about. I originally wanted to go to locations like a coffee shop, brewery, toystore, etc, and get this footage, but I was sick and had to get resourceful at home. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Final Project- Voice Acting Demo

  1. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    You really do have the voice for well… voice acting! The soft music changing in the background for every single demo that you covered was great as well. Speaking of that, the fact that you made so many different voice acting clips for so many items from toys to drinks shows that you really put a lot of thinking and effort into your final project. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Audrey Scully

    Wow! You have an amazing voice! There is some variance in tones and characteristics too. The video was great. The music was not overpowering and accentuated the content well. Your footage was well framed and had pleasing colors. I can see you going far in this field!

  3. john kneisler

    I love your video! I love that you used this opportunity to push your career forward, instead of just doing an assignment! Your voice again is great! But your talent seems to also carry into all aspects of your video production. Just an excellent video all around!

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