Talent: Ly Edwards
Music: Dryad Drone

This video assignment for MUL 101 was a lot of fun. One of my most favorite past time with friends is chatting over tea. While in Portland for the weekend, I met up with my friend Ly for just that. In keeping with the theme of fives, the place we patronized is called Coffeehouse-Five. Within the video footage itself, the number five is seen five times. My friend Ellen sent me an audio file of her band rehearsal to use for the music. 

I enjoyed having a chance to use Premiere Pro again, which I haven’t since Time-Based Tools class with Mel Stark. I found that I remembered the basics of how to use the program, but there were several things that I had a vague memory of having the capability to do, but not sure how to execute those. I accessed YouTube many times to find tutorials for a refresher on how to accomplish my desired outcomes.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the results of this video. One thing that would severely improve the quality would be to have less camera shake, which is particularly noticeable at the end. There are lots of forms of equipment, such as a Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer, certain steady cams, and dollies that would eliminate that problem, yet, were not within my time or budget over the weekend. I believe I could have tried harder, with more time, to accomplish smooth camera movements with less shake. As this is one of the first things I have filmed, I did not realize that this problem would be so severe.

In post, I used several stabilizer effects to smooth things out a bit. I made the opening title in Photoshop. I put an image of the coffee cup in Ps, then used that as a template to decide the placement of the lettering and to select lettering that closely resembled the font type of the stamp on the cup. I off-centered the title, because I wanted to see more of that pretty brick wall, but in retrospect, I keep questioning if that was the right choice.

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