5 Bandana Colors

I enjoyed making this video. I have always wanted to make one, but I feel like I could have done better. It was cloudy on the day I shot the photos, and that didn’t help me while I was I taking the pictures. I wish it had been sunnier. In order to edit the video I used a different app other than Premier because Premier is only available at school and I worked at home. Instead, I edited the video on my phone because it was the only device I had that has photo and video editing. 

I’ve never done video editing before, but I’ve always wanted to edit videos and photos. I’m into photography and video editing so I was excited about this assignment. I want to learn more about both types of editing in the future. 

At first I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for my video. I think I was making it more complicated than it had to be. I had a lot of ideas, but each of those ideas would have taken more time than I had, so I decided to make a video of five of the bandanas that I have. The person in the video is my brother. I told him I wanted to make a video with him wearing all my bandanas. He was down with my idea. I told him to go on top of the house just for fun and I took some pictures while he was on the roof. I also videotaped him on the ground. I had him sit in a chair with the different bandanas on his head. My brother was also wearing a handmade mask. At first, I wanted to use different colors of masks, but then the attention would have been on the mask. Black doesn’t take attention away from the bandanas. All of his clothes were also black and only the colors of the bandanas changed.

While I was editing the video, I decided to add a couple of effects. You can see some of them at the start of the video. I also put the color of the bandana next to the picture, along the side of the frame, so people are more likely to notice what color of bandana my brother was wearing. I put that because I think that will make people focus first on the bandana and not something else in the picture. I want people’s eyes to go right to the bandana. 

The app that I used for editing didn’t have a lot of editing choices. It would have been nice if I had more choices. For the sound, I downloaded music from Freesound. That site has a lot of sound effects that I can use for free. I wanted to use a different song, but I couldn’t because of copyright issues. I liked working on this assignment. I’m happy with my project. I feel like I did well, especially considering that this is my first time making a video.   

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  1. Audrey

    Your use of effects, such as the stickers in the beginning, and the reverse play at the end added a very fun element to your video. I would be interested to know what the name of the app was that you used. This was a creative idea and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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