F19-P5 Image Editing (Wirrick-Coad)

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So for this project, I was trying to accomplish lots of things. Firstly, of course, is the well-known fact that many of us suffer from anxiety or panic attacks on a daily basis. This can make life extremely difficult and also add more stress to your life, making the anxiety or panic even worse. I wanted to portray the different types of ways people might start having an attack from just a pencil breaking to someone yelling at you for doing something wrong. The second part of the video is trying to give someone who has never had an attack have the feeling of one. I think this is a really good thing for people to see as it will create sympathy for people going through something like this and what to do. Finally the ending. I wanted to show that everything can be calmed down with enough practice and time. Another purpose for this piece for me was to work on my audio and video horror skills. Throughout this term, I have been wanting to work more with unnaturally settings and sounds and get better at using them in different ways. This feels like another perfect setting for that so that’s why the heartbeat sounds and sighing play a very important role within the narrative of the video. This project was a very fun experiment for me. From using different people as actors to using my own voice to create sounds, noises, etc. This has really opened up my eyes to the idea of what we can do with editing software after getting the base image or video from our DSLR’s or other types of media recorders. I obviously still have a lot to learn from Adobe Premiere but I think I did a fine job for my first time. I hope this is informational, unnerving, and fun for you all to watch. Thank you for your time. -Alex

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  1. Greyson Yant

    My brother experiences severe anxiety attacks regularly. Your video is very effective at conveying the intensity and experience of such an event. I really like the use of focal shifts and camera movements to emphasis the first person experience.

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