This was a blast to make, but took about 6 hours! I wrote out the outline for it the first day we talked about this project in class and I generally stuck to it. There were a few shots I wanted to get outside, but I was staying home with my dog, so I didn’t. The angle of the video is kind of like a self-care day and I like that it took that direction! I think it’s cozy and relaxing and I’m happy with how it turned out. Originally I was going to take pictures of those favorite foods, but I didn’t have them on hand all at once, so I thought I would have fun and mix it up a little with some minimalistic digital illustrations. It was fun working with shapes, gradients and color schemes with that part. My favorite part was drawing on the chalkboard. I may do something like that again in a future project because it was really fun and a lesson in patience as well. I purposely wanted to mix media in this project, from photo to typography to illustration. I hope that fun, varied mix came across well. I worry it isn’t cohesive but it wasn’t actually supposed to be. I was originally going to get some video for this project, but had so much fun doing the amatuer “stop-motion animation” that I went with that instead. This was a very fun project to do and got me more accustomed to Premiere Pro, which I had been using in Time-based Tools, but wanted to get even more comfortable with. I made a mistake with this though- I thought the maximum was 3 minutes, but it was actually 2, so I apologize for the length, but hopefully it’s enjoyable! Thanks! -Krizia

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  1. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    I really enjoyed the way you put together and edited the video. Also the way you stylized everything was super cool and showed that you have a firm grasp on the Adobe software. Thanks for sharing!

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