What five means to me

The five senses , sight , hearing, smell, taste, touch , eye (sight) is one of your most important senses. 80 % we see through our sense of sight. The eyes are the windows to the soul, is an expression that describe the deep connection one feels. however like windows, the eyes work both ways . They are seeing through other people’s soul , but they are also vital, sight and vision are important because the connecting with our surroundings keeps us safe and the make of our minds. Sight and vision help to connect people with their surroundings filled with variety of colors, and patterns ability to perceive movement. The quote, Keep your eyes upon the Stars. Our sight is a gift from God. Sight is precious for so many to see all surroundings and all that has been created. photographs ,the changing of leaves. Seeing others and looking at everything . Didn’t have sight we couldn’t see. Sight is perception and visual perception.

Touch- effects everything we do . First born we are touched by many. Nurses, doctor’s, family . we use this sense to gather information about our surrounding and means of esstablishing trust and social bonds with other people. Sense of touch on skin and objects, and different textures, gives our brains wealth of information . protects us from temperature of hot and cold, dull or sharp, rough and smooth,and wet and dry. Skin is packed with many sensors. Each type responds to different situations and the brain receives messages constantly and filters out the unimportant ones . 

Hearing – balance outer ear, innrer ear, middle ear. hearing protects us from danger. Detecting sound and receiving about the environment through a medium. Air , water, and on the ground . Humans attach additional values to sense of hearing relates to others . Sounds is transmitted by sound waves. Ability to preceive sound from a source outside the BODY .  Through an environmental medium such as air . 

Smell – Nose has 400 smelling sensors .powerful sense we have to distingish between seven hundred orders. Sense of smell referred to as olfactory linked to memory. Brain associates between an object and oder. That’s how we remember smells and distingish them one from another. Once and order, molecules binds to a receptor like an electrical signal through the sensory neuron to olfactory bulb in the nose . 

Taste – Adults have 2,000 to 4,000 tastebuds that line the back of the throat also and nasas cavity, and epso build phagus . Other factor’s build the perception of taste in the brain .Smell of food greatly effects how the brain preceives the taste. Smells sent to the mouth the olfactory referral. Texture translated by the sense of touch contributes to taste. In addition to the Big Five another sense how the brain understands where your body is in space called proprioception. Sense of movement of limbs and muscles.

Like touching the tip of your nose with eyes closed It enables a person to climb steps without looking at each one.

Poor prorioception clumsy and uncoorinated.

What the number 5 means there is so many, 5 is the number of balance. five symbolizes ma , health, and love. female numer two male number three. Marriage between heaven and earth . Five number of human being .Symbolizes the four limbsand the head that controls the limbs. senses ,smell, touch, taste ,hear, sight. Five the number of mercury. five lucky for gemini and virgo. reversed indicates vulnerablity . Five arms on a starfish. Played bsaketball 5 players. Olympic rings symbolized the five continents .  anni-versary 5 years wood . Angel number five symbolizes God’s grace, goodness, favor towards humans. 318 times mentioned in scripture .  5 the number of grace multiplied by itself is 25 , grace upon grace .the ten commandents, the first five-relationship and treatment with God .the last five concern our relationships with other human beings .five in dreams life is stable, peaceful, feel the change . Five fingers five toes, five fingers, five toes . The five elements -Earth, Wind, Fire, Wood ,metal. The five point star .  David equipped with 5 pebbles when he killed the giant Goliath. Took his staff in hand and five small stones, put in shepards bag and sling in hand he drew to the phillistins. Jack the Ripper murdered five women in the White Chapel district of London in 1888 known as the Leather Apron. Nov. 5,1605 Guy Fawkes he had a plan to blow up the House of Parliment of London was hindered was known as Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night. The five wounds of Jesus christ scouring at the pillar,crowning with thorns,wounds in the messiah ‘s hands, wounds in feet ,and Son of Man and sword in side of the Savior. Number 5 of books in the Torah. Five the symbol of balance,man,health, love and charm.

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    I love the precise information that you provided for each individual sense, Barbara. I think that also adding the stories at the end is a very interesting choice. Thanks for sharing.

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