Audio Project- A commercial for the Writing Center!

Krizia Walker

This was a fun project for me. I work at the Writing Center as a work-study student since the beginning of Summer Term. I wanted to make this commercial because I feel like a lot of people pass by the writing center and don’t quite understand what it is or the full extent of what is offered there. I know when I was a new student at Lane this past Spring Term, I passed through it on my way elsewhere, and was overwhelmed by how big the room was and how many people were working in there. It looked like a study hall or something. I want everyone to know they can drop in the Writing Center anytime they have any assignment at all that has to do with writing; it doesn’t have to necessarily be from a direct writing class- I know that when I was taking Visual Literacy with Jan for the Multimedia Program, there was a lot of writing and that is something that a tutor could help with. Even if you feel very confident in your writing ability, it is really valuable to have an audience for it, so I would suggest anyone at any part of their writing journey to come in. We also help with speeches, ESL pronunciation and conversation, multimodal projects, languages, and CS120 (though you may have to wait awhile for this help). The editing process of this project was fun. I found the program fairly user-friendly and intuitive for basic things; but had to supplement my process with some guides and tutorials as well. It was really fun to do this and it makes me want to make my own podcast someday!

20 thoughts on “Audio Project- A commercial for the Writing Center!

  1. Alexandre Wirrick-Coad

    Great audio. Your voice is incredibly clear and the sound effects and music you used are perfect. This is an amazing commercial for the writing center, you should get paid for this!

  2. John Kneisler

    Wow! What an amazing job you did! It sounds better then most commercials! You sound great and you made it sound so natural! You could definitely do this for a living. Great job!

  3. Brian McCalla

    Very well done. This sounded very informative and professional. Like I said in class. I think the music in the second half of the video was a little too loud. Other than that, great job!

  4. pornpwd

    amazing work on the project. sound engineering is one of the booming subject of 21st century and its been on top since decade. keep up the good work.


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    I know when I was a new student at Lane this past Spring Term, I passed through it on my way elsewhere, and was overwhelmed by how big the room was and how many people were working in there. It looked like a study hall or something.

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