Jossop Fables

I was going to do a infomercial about alien weapons but went with a story instead. It’s not a real fable but I did a video on this for my TBT class so I used the same kind of story for this one. I didn’t have a script so I just made it up as I went. It was fun and had a lot of fun making the sound effects. The music is from the X-Files tv series which is a great show by the way, and makes great background music. It was also free to download.

It turned out to be a lot more funnier then I expected, but it got me laughing so hard, I just love it and I hope you all like it too. The names I came up for the weapons were inspired from the willy wonka movie, when he is talking about the island he went to when he found the Oompa loompas. He just made up names for the animals there and that is what I did.

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