Blog Search: The Jellyfish Act

The Blog that I found is dedicated to motion graphics and animation. The blog is called “The Jellyfish Act: Motion Graphics Blog” and the URL/website is below.

I chose this blog site because I am very interested in motion graphics. I think that other students who are interested in this should take a look because you can see people exploring different types of animation. This blog has professionals who work for companies and it also has a few freelance artists. I like that this blog included both so students can see how motion graphics can be applied in the workplace.

One of the professional artists that is showcased is Vincent Schwenk. He is an animator based in Hamburg. The art that is in this blog shows Schwenk exploring texture in animation. It is really fascinating to see the clarity and quality of the short videos. Definitely worth a look!

This blog site is organized well and is easy to navigate. This helps the viewer to focus more on the art rather then trying to find the pieces of the site. All of the images and videos on this site are high quality and easy to see.

This blog site is interesting and exciting to look through. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes animation and wants to see a diverse repertoire of art.

by: Krista Ortiz

2 thoughts on “Blog Search: The Jellyfish Act

  1. Dom Moulton

    This blog is very fascinating! I have never seen animation and motion graphics projects like this before so it was interesting to look around and see what different artists had to offer. I will definitely be coming back to this blog in the future!

  2. Nameste Lattin

    This is so cool, im working toward computer animation myself and this is really inspirational. I can’t wait to start making models and animating them in the near future.

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