An Average Journey Through Lane

1. The Equipment Checkout Counter

Just a photo of the closed checkout counter, nothing else.

2. The Blue Cyc Wall’s Door

The studio was closed so here’s a photo of the door to the
“Blue Cyc Wall” .

3. Center for Student Engagement

Didn’t see anyone in the Center for Student Engagement, but I got a good photo of their popcorn machine.

4. The Main Art Gallery

The Art Gallery always has new and interesting pieces to show, this is probably my favorite one yet.

5. The Art-O-Mat

No idea what this is but I like how old it looks.

6. The Reference Counter

Such a good place if I ever have any question.

7. Health & Wellness building

This sculpture is really interesting, I found a cat in it once.

8. Ingram’s Office

She was in a hurry to leave but I managed to capture her last minute.

9. Media Creation Lab

Such a useful place to work on your media assignments.

10. Judy Gate’s Office

Judy working hard at trying to pretend like I’m not taking a picture of her.

11. Teresa’s Office

Teresa wasn’t home, but she has a nice looking office.

12. Building One’s Flags

So glad they have my flag up here, shout out to Costa Rica.

13. A Portion of Lane

Tried capturing as much as possible, although I feel that something’s missing from this image..

5 thoughts on “An Average Journey Through Lane

  1. Dom Moulton

    Great idea and use of another person to complete this scavenger hunt! Makes it a lot more personal and fun-looking in my opinion. Many of the pictures look like real interactions you might find in these locations.

  2. Dalton W Trim

    Thanks for taking us on the LCC tour! Having someone in the picture helps give the image more substance and more to look at. Kinda like having a blog about tours and their guides.

  3. Saul Foster

    This is great. I really enjoyed the fact that you made it personal and not just the label or the plaque on a door. You make it look like so much fun to be journeying around campus!

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