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Draplin Design Co. North America.

Draplin Co.

I chose this site/blog because of the amazing things that Aaron Draplin has done and the person he is and company he runs.

Draplin Design Co. (graphic design) has done work with Nixon, Peak Oil, Sizzle Pie, Sasquatch Music Festival, and many many more. I haven’t followed him or the company for long, but the work and the designs and logos and banners have been a part of my life for years.

Being a person of the PNW and Aaron being a Portland based guy with an Oregon based company, I think that in-itself is the reason why you should pay attention also.

Some of the wonders from the site, is the experience of design and life. Its a simple and too the point and over-loaded with information, products, music, fonts, typefaces, vector images, and advice. It gives you a true perspective of someone that has started their own company, and made it, without a care in the world of what people think, as long as they get what they are looking for.

The blog, for fresh eyes, is a simple blog post blog. Theres not articles or long blabbery. He understands that content is content but you dont need the bullshit. Its small in the essence of there not being any extra flashy stuff. Its easy to navigate, understand and very easy on the eyes. Its for anyone and everyone.

2 thoughts on “W19-P3 Blog Search (Draplin Design Co., North America)

  1. Alex Garcia

    I think the fact that you chose someone from Portland Oregon was awesome. I definently haven’t heard of this blog before but I will be sure to give it a look.

  2. Jacob Adams

    I like how there is just a large variety of work here. They also have some really cool color as well. As someone who is also working towards creating a company in Oregon, I’m always interested in seeing how someone builds their business and create their work.

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