P6 – Big Problem, Tiny Solutions


The most difficult part of this project for me, was putting all of the pieces together after getting all of my footage and photos. I had about 30 minutes of interviews, and getting that down into a 3 minute video that conveyed the message that I wanted it to was definitely difficult, as I had never worked with video before this class. I also had about 75 photos of the tiny home villages that I never ended up using due to time constraints. I have gotten a lot better at interviewing people since taking a newswriting class last year, but I have to say, that it was definitely harder to make a short video with the interviews than it was to write a short article.

Altogether, parts of this project were fun, but it did not inspire me in any way to get into video editing as part of my career. It was like putting together a giant puzzle, and I am not a fan of puzzles, so I think I will stick with photography and design. I’m still glad that I got this experience using Premiere Pro and Audition, as I have heard from many Multimedia Design professionals that it is important to be as well-rounded and have as many skills as possible so that you are more valuable in a super competitive field.

I was also interested in learning about the tiny house villages, and how they are combating skyrocketing rent rates and lack of available affordable housing. I was lucky enough when I moved to my own place in Eugene, to find a really nice affordable loft (mostly because I was looking for a place in December, when many out-of-town U of O students were leaving), but it did take many months of searching and many dead ends, so I have had some personal experience with the affordable housing crisis in Eugene.

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  1. David Galbreath

    I loved this! getting right to the source and talking with people about their story is super uplifting to me. you found a real hot button topic and expanded on it while keeping it at three minutes. i’m sure you had a ton of footage that you wished you use but I feel you did great while keeping it in the limits given.

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