5 Past times of mine…

For this video I chose to take the comedy route once more.In this video I talk about 5 past times of mine, that I consider somewhat bizarre and unique. The obvious theme for the video is my obsession with all things anime related, I did this on purpose Since I thought the similarity between all of my past times would add some humor.

The past times I chose for this project were watching anime shows, looking at pictures with the anime aesthetic online, drawing in the anime aesthetic, playing video games with the anime aesthetic and cosplay. I tend to do most of the past times I talked about in the video almost everyday, the only one I do rarely is cos-playing, due to money constrictions.

Choosing the topic for the video wasn’t hard, for some reason the idea of my past times was born within my mind right away, and since I couldn’t shake the idea I decided to go with it. Coming up with the past times wasn’t very hard either, since I’m a very boring person, or at least I consider myself to be, due to my hobbies not being very exciting or active.

I used a lot of music from soundcloud for this project, as well as a camera shutter sound effect and a transparent graphic for my text slides. I took care to make sure that all the extra media I got for this assignment was royalty free and free for use. I really wanted to try to make my own music, since I’ve always wanted to do so, but I didn’t have enough time, plus I would need to get a bunch of musical sound effects from the web since I don’t play any instruments, which would’ve slowed me down a whole lot more.

Thank you so much for checking out my video, I know my humor is very specific but I hope you find it enjoyable regardless.


Flower Graphic by:

Chukovskaya https://pixabay.com/en/users/Chukovskaya-5189889/

Music in order of appearance:

OMG THAT’S SO CUTE LOL-Lensy https://soundcloud.com/lensy
Cute Sine Chords-Kuma https://soundcloud.com/xavfalcon
Epic Orchestral-Sky-FloidBeats https://soundcloud.com/floidbeats
Fashion-Tev https://soundcloud.com/t-e-v

Sound effect by:

thecheeseman https://freesound.org/people/thecheeseman/

-by Monica B

1 thought on “5 Past times of mine…

  1. Colin Gruener

    I like the humor you included. I love how your cat just walks around carelessly on set!!! I also really like how you used different music for the different items, but kept the same pink flower background and music for the transitions. It helps to tie all these different pastimes together! Also, the anime theme is cool and fun!


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