Alison Arts 2018-11-06 22:07:27

So for this project, I wanted to create doodles using the number 5 as a base. I didn’t actually come up with this idea entirely on my own. The first drawing of a dog was taught to me years ago by a foreign exchange student who stayed at my house for a short time. I used to draw it on all my papers all the time when I was younger, so it was kind of nice to draw it once more. After that first drawing, however, I was kind of on my own to come up with the later drawings. The snake seemed like the easiest idea, but from then on I had to use my creative talents as an artist to figure out the other three. I did this by flipping and rotating the number, changing my perspective of it helped me come up with new ideas. After that, I had to go in with a screen recorder and my tablet to capture the digital drawings. I knew I wanted to do this digitally, specifically because I wanted to use this project as a chance to do some small animations. Some of them are really short, and frankly silly, but still fun! On another note, I had so much trouble editing this video because Premiere Pro kept glitching on my computer and turning out awfully rendered clips. I finally got it though! And I uploaded it to youtube! Only to realize the maximum time limit was supposed to be 2 minutes, and this video is almost at three.  I’d like to think the content is enough to excuse the excess time, but frankly, even if it isn’t I’ve been playing around with these clips too much to go back again, not to mention resubmit everything.

Anyway, all complaining aside, enjoy!

Music courtesy of Free Vibes Music

5 thoughts on “Alison Arts 2018-11-06 22:07:27

  1. Kyle Whitaker

    This video is creative, fun, and interesting! I love how you showed your process in designing the characters, and it was awesome how you animated them as well. The music is excellently chosen as well. Very engaging and well thought out video!

  2. Emily Williams

    I’ve see other videos like this where they take number and/or letters and make them look like other things , and I think it cool how you did that with the five. I also like how we were al trying to guess what they were before they were finished.

  3. MaKayla Stumph

    I really like this, and it’s clear you had to put a lot of thought into creating different things with 5. It’s nicely paced and keeps us guessing what your making. I liked your music choice and thought it was well crated and edited. Good job!

  4. Alberto lepe

    Well somebody started their animation career very early, but seriously you have really great talent there. The drawings were very mysterious making me wonder what are doing with the number five now?

  5. Kyle Letsom

    I’m trying to comment on videos that don’t already have a lot of comments, but I couldn’t help but comment on this one! This is the first video I have ever seen on something like this: building drawings off of something not very artistic to begin with (the number 5). The creativity that goes into this is insane, and I can only imagine how long you’d just have to stare at the number 5 until something comes to you. I LOVE how all the drawings came to life too; it was really fun to watch. The drawing aside, however, the way that you recorded this video as well, and the editing, was very well done. The screen recorder thing goes completely over my head, so great job for doing it successfully.

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