Aesop’s The Lion and the Mouse

With this audio project, I was trying to simply accomplish a mixing of music and background noise along with my voice narrating the track, but I ended up getting too ambitious and Audacity didn’t seem to want to cooperate. I found it to be fairly easy to just drop the different tracks into Audacity. It was a little more complicated to line everything up, but, still, it wasn’t that bad. It was when I was trying to do more with the levels of sound and amplifications of certain sounds that caused me a lot of trouble. I played with a fade in and a fade out at both the beginning and end of the story, however, the beginning was already quiet, so when the other tracks came in, things seemed to get much louder. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure of how to fix that. Another issue I ran into, and it is very noticeable in the audio, was the voice for the mouse. At first, I just had it where I changed my voice to be higher pitched. It didn’t sound like it was high enough for a mouse (although, now I realize that I should’ve just left it alone). Once I found out how to change the pitches of sounds, I tried doing that for my voice for the mouse (going for an Alvin and the Chipmunks kind of deal). That worked well for me at first until I kept messing with it and trying to get it perfect. Ultimately, in the end, it sounded much much worse and I was too far into it; there was no getting it back to where it was, so I had to leave it. I am super disappointed that it sounded the way it did, but I’m taking this in as a learning experience and as a much needed step towards understanding how Audacity works, as I move forward in this class.

⌈Kyle Letsom⌋

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3 thoughts on “Aesop’s The Lion and the Mouse

  1. Ashley Riles

    I think you did a great job with the voices and the background music really fit. Your timing was great. Fabulous Job!

    1. Hoa Mai Nguyen


      Amazing job on your story! I love the music, sound effects and especially the mouse voice. I also liked your accent. Was it your actual accent or did you fake it? It almost sounds British in a way. Actors do tend to have a way of tinkering with their voice. Either way, the narration was fantastic. Thank you for sharing your post.

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