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MN Acting Studio is a really good resource for aspiring actors. The site focuses primarily on acting for the camera which is beneficial for me, and anyone else in this class who is interested in acting, as the information on media for acting is very abundant in this site. The link to this site is, and the blog can be found on the home page in the top right corner. While I transition from acting on stage to acting for the camera, this site will be a very helpful resource because it seems to have everything I’ll need to know about the subject. The blog, for instance is Matt Newton (what the MN stands for in MN Acting Studio) explaining, from first-hand experience, everything he deems important information for aspiring actors.

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An example of one of the blog posts

He talks about what the industry is like for him and what others may encounter; he gives tips on how to prepare for auditions and cope with nerves; there are several posts on how to create a successful self tape, and so many other things. I love the titles he sets for all of his posts. They really draw you in and make you want to read what he has to say (see image to the right for an example). More importantly, I love how detailed his posts are. He really goes above and beyond on giving the viewer as much information possible on how to be successful. I truly believe that he genuinely cares about other actors and that he wants to help them succeed in the industry.

His writing is very easy to read and quite fun to read. For example, in the example blog post I shared, 11 Ways to Make Sure Your Self Tapes Don’t Suck, he says that “there’s no excuse not to deliver a kickass self tape from your own home.” The quality of information he shares, on the other hand, is just as engaging and very insightful. I have already learned a ton from just reading a few of his blog posts! If you are into acting, especially acting for camera, I highly recommend taking a peak at what this man has to say.

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Matt Newton’s videos

Overall, I think the site is very well produced and easy to follow. Everything is laid out on the homepage in a way that easily directs you to wherever you intend to go without a lot of searching. The site looks very clean and organized. However, there’s not a lot of color or any other designs that make the site fresh and fun to look at; the white background can get a little stale after awhile. Although, the site has way to much to offer in resources to be a boring site. Aside from the blogs, you can choose to

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Matt Newton’s book

to read his book or search his YouTube videos for more acting tips. Other good resources on the site include the ability to sign up for classes and/or workshops, and even receive coaching via Skype and many other services.

If you’re having trouble taking my word about how great this site is, you don’t have to. Just go to the site and click on the ‘testimonials’ tab and it will take you to a page that shows a countless number of reviews that this site/teacher has received from credible and acclaimed sources, such as famous actors and talent agencies.

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  1. Alberto

    I like this particular site because theres several interactions on the site that may lead you to success in the film industry. Are you interested in directing or just film?

  2. Hoa Mai Nguyen


    Great post! I know you had some difficulties, but in the end you pulled it through! I checked out the blog and the man seems to be very chill but funny at the same time. He sounds like you…is that a compliment for you…? The blog seemed very easy to navigate and it wasn’t bonkers either. I didn’t have any trouble finding information. Thanks for sharing your post!

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