Hydro-Bro-Done: It’s For The Boys’

For me, this assignment consisted mostly of writing a script, recording the audio at home, then layering it over some copyright free music to make it sound like a real ad. The idea was a fake advertisement for Hydro-Bro-Done, the medication that makes you bro again. I really wanted to make it similar to the cheesy ads you hear on late night TV, such as chantix. It was fun coming up with ridiculous side effects and uses for the medication, along with trying to find music that you would expect to hear in a commercial such as this.

The biggest challenge for me was coming up with a script that was appropriate for school, along with getting a good quality recording after being sick. Unfortunately, equipment checkout also gave me the wrong cables for the condenser mic, so I was forced to use my phone as my recording device last minute, which really didn’t give me the audio quality I was hoping for. Getting another person to do the side effects recording was also challenging because it was hard for us not to laugh and mess up the recording, but we ended up getting some good takes.

All in all, I’m happy with the final product and think some people will enjoy the humor in it.