P4 Audio Lane Rap


Basically my idea was to make a funny, parody, promotional type song. I think the lyrics are funny and creative, but my rapping and singing skills are not up to professional standards. The process was easy, I found a free music instrumental on the internet then I wrote the lyrics. Audacity is very easy to use. It is more simple then a program like pro-tools for sure. I recorded the song in segments simply because I couldn’t keep a straight face while rapping. Once I got all the parts recorded I synced them together making it complete. Once I was done I felt like it needed some thing else to it. I did some research about autotune and how it works within audacity. I edited my voice and it was hilarious. The production part was easy now the hard part is going to hear it in front of the class. It is so cringe worthy it hurts my soul to listen to. Class presentation is gonna be hard to sit through the embarrassment will be off the charts. I just hope everyone finds it hilarious and gets a good laugh out of it. The process with this project was really fun I hope everyone will enjoy.