You Crazy Monkey


I love audio production, this was a very fun assignment. I do complex vocal tracks mixing music and vocals all the time. Every project I work on becomes multiple tracks with layers of effects and overlaid sounds. I never do simple clean voice only projects where clean simple sound is the end product. With large complex projects you can alter and change small imperfections and hide them. This was more challenging in a way because with neat clean recording every aspect had to work together very organically to make the mix be clean and not confusing. It was hard for me to not add lots of sound effects and layers. I wanted to do something musical but that’s what I always do. Then I wanted to do a fable reading but that seemed to straight forward so then it hit me to do a funny storytelling read. My idea was to try to read it in the voice of an audio book without much hint that its meant to be a funny story. I was going for a dry read with a funny punchy ending that you didn’t see coming. I laid down 8 tracks of me reading the story in small pieces so I could focus on clean readings without worrying about errors. Next I found some nice audio and put a simple effect on it and adjusted the volume. Finally I hit play and laid down a single background and silly sound effects track. This was a fun and interesting project and I liked the simple voice reading. I hope you enjoy it and get a nice laugh. Have a great day!


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