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The reason I choose Dezigning Eye Studios is because it could be a very useful resource for both graphic and multimedia designers alike. It features an array of how-to instructional videos covering a number of unique and innovative tricks and tips.
Dezigning Eye features videos that included new skills in a number of different programs, including photoshop, illustrator, indesign, and premiere pro. For example, A recent post on the blog has a walk through on how to create an animated, 3D Logo for a website. It covers each and every step, and even shows you how to write it into a site using CSS and Javascript. They seem to be very straight to the point, and the information on the site is organized and written well. The layout is simple, yet effective for the reader to navigate around the site with ease. There is a search bar along the right side of the site that allows you to specify the category of interest, along with the specifying the date of posts within the site archives. Overall it seems like a well educated, highly skilled designer (or team of designers) are the ones creating the useful information on this site. The site may be relatively simple in terms of looks, but the information on the site seems to be pretty advanced, judging by the techniques they are teaching and demonstrating in each and every blog post. My only negative thing I found about the site is that they seem to not post as often anymore!