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15253614_10205914985472189_9120909321566913665_nMy name is Zori, I’m 19 years old and this is my first ever blog post! I’ve lived in Salem, Oregon my whole life but recently I moved up here to the Eugene area so I can attend Lane Community College. I came across this program entirely by accident. I worked and procrastinated so much during the summer that I forgot about class registration, and I didn’t apply for classes until the second-to-last day. All of my planned classes were taken, so I was scrambling through the Lane catalog when I found this program–Multi-Media Design–and questioned how I never noticed it before, because it looked like it had everything I wanted. I knew for sure that all of the program’s classes would be taken, but I gave it a shot anyways; and to my surprise, they were available! This taught me a valuable lesson, to never procrastinate again; at least not as much.

When it comes to hobbies, I’m a pretty boring person. YouTube is my go-to time waster–It’s my ‘Netflix’. I always find myself watching videos of Gordon Ramsay yelling at people, “You Laugh, You Lose” compilations, and cat videos. I try not to watch too many cat videos however, because then I get homesick about my cats that I had to leave with my family back in Salem. I never thought I’d be a ‘crazy cat lady’, but when I found myself Face-Timing with my cats, it hit me. Whenever I actually leave my house, I find myself taking pictures of anything and everything; as long as it looks interesting to me.

Once I finish the media arts program here at LCC, I’d like to find myself in either photography work, post-production work, or web design. I haven’t quite pinned one down specifically, but at least I have it somewhat narrowed down. From what I always hear about college students changing their majors like underwear, this may change as time goes on. This concludes my giant post of narcissism; Congratulations for making it through to the end!

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  1. Tyler Nichols

    There’s nothing wrong with Face-timing your cats, i’d totally Face-time with my dogs if they wouldn’t break the computer!

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