F17-P1 About Me……Michael Holt


Michael O Holt (mohtown productions)


My name is Michael and I prefer to be called Michael. When I was a kid I would get annoyed when my mom would correct people when they called me Mike. She would always say that my name is Michael, her mechanics name was Mike (he was!) But now its just one of those things that stuck. I am so excited to be starting this multimedia program and being able to start a new career to go with my new life. I had a stroke a year ago and almost died. I’ve spent the last year in recovery and have lost almost 100 pounds! My health has improved dramatically through hard work and dedication to living a cleaner and more productive life. My goal is to keep learning and expanding my love of making music and collaborating with other artists. I’m looking to expand my photo and video making abilities to be a more well rounded audio and multimedia producer. Feel free to contact me about any ideas or just to talk. I love meeting and talking to new people, that’s the best way to learn and expand. I have a mostly complete but ever evolving home digital music studio and I’m looking to do start doing more full audio/video productions. I love being both in front and behind the camera and would love to work with others who do the same.

Thanks and have a great day!

Michael O Holt

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  1. Tyler Nichols

    Good to hear you’re doing better! That’s a scary situation and it has to be hard on you but good job for keeping your head up!

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