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I asked five of my good friends who their favorite athlete was growing up, being a huge sports fan, I wanted explore some reasons why other people fell in love with their sport of choice. Special thanks to Chris Damewood, Kyle Eckrosh, Xavier Roseaver, Sagar Patel, and Sam Jarman-Miller for helping me with this assignment. What I was trying to do with this video was just to have them list a few reasons why that player was their favorite growing up and what specifically influences that they had on them. Here’s the video:

I got the music from BKNAPP’s soundcloud page, he does a lot of interesting remixes that took my back in time to when I was a kid. The song that I used it called, “Last Day in Decatur”. It was hard to choose a beat from him because they all gave me an nostalgic feeling, he has a lot of remixes of music from video games I remember playing when I was young. But I chose this song because it has a smooth old school 90s hip-hop beat that sounded like something from NBA Street Vol. 2. Here’s a link to his soundcloud channel:

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