I See Basketball

I didn’t really know what I was doing for this project. I guess my goal was to give my audience an idea of my point of view about basketball. Or maybe give people who don’t understand the importance of basketball insight into why some people are really passionate about it.

A lot of people see basketball as a stupid game that jocks play, but I wanted to shed some light on some other perspectives of basketball. The relationships you develop, the work ethic it breeds, the passion that people have around it, the inspiration it creates in the youth, and why there’s a lot of people who really care for it.

Some people are very passionate about politics, for example, and although it’s not something I understand, or want to understand, I try to see their perspective and realize that it’s in their psychology and nature and nurture, and there’s a reason why they’re passionate about it.

I didn’t do a very good job on it, but in my defense, voice overs aren’t really my forte. You probably will get a better understanding of it through my writing, so it’s a good thing we’re required to write something on it.




3 thoughts on “I See Basketball

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