Audio Ear-ache

So my inspiration for this audio piece was based off the immortal Chekov play, Three Sisters, and the written works of Louis-Ferdinand Céline, though it should very oblivious with in the context of the piece…

Actually, I got the idea from the inspirational psa they play on the tv late at night when I can’t sleep. I get about three channels with my broken bunny ears, so what I watch is very limited. I should probably pick up a book. Anyway, so the ads they have on at 3 in the morning usually consists of some kid who thinks he has been defeated by life’s hardships but is picked right back up by a friend because teamwork is power, featuring a cheesy soundtrack. So, I took the concept of that kind of tripe and maturely rolled poop into it! The original recording of this piece had a sub plot involving Business Man Peter Dingle and a young psa writer Jimmy, but I didn’t write it out so it went way too long (over 3 minutes!) so this is just the psa song about unity, in a time when we all need it….or whatever the kids are saying these days.

I have used Audioacity years ago and it was cool to record something again, though I didn’t compress anything or tweek with the effects because they make me nervous. My biggest difficulty was mic control using the little dinky dot on my laptop screen. I’m used to physically holding a microphone that I can pull away from my voice when I get loud. With this I didn’t get used to the setup. Also why is the monitor so small?!? Audacity should fix that though I don’t believe they haven’t updated the program since like the ‘70s! SHAAA WHATEVER!!!!

By Billy Dyball