W-17 P4 Audio

     When this audio project was first assigned I was kind of bummed to be honest, mostly because I hate the sound of my own voice. I was scrambling for ideas and I wanted to come up with a concept that was truly original. I new that I wanted to create something that was going to be comedy based, but I was not sure what style I wanted it to be. I started thinking, what would be a funny situational comedy sketch where the concept could be easily understood through audio? What type of voices or certain characters could be a good fit for this type of thing? I decided Macho Man Randy Savage would be my choice for main character. I remember thinking about all of his old wrestling promos and how well executed they were. This man was an absolute beast on the microphone and his slang and mannerisms were always over the top, and larger than life. So I had it. I had my main character, but what situation could I put him in that would come across as funny? I decided to go with him ordering at a drive thru, because it could be audibly understood what was going on, while keeping the dialogue minimal for the secondary character. I started to watch some of his old promotions, to brush up on some of his lingo. I wrote down a list of some of the favorite lines I heard him say and found a way to manipulate it into my own dialogue. I added a few sounds from http://www.freesound.org/ such as the car starting and the radio laying in the background to help illustrate the whole experience.It was a ton of fun to try and impersonate him, and I hope it does not come across as too cheesy. So without further ado here is Macho Man Randy Savage Orders At A Drive Thru.

Photo by : FreddiusMercurium



By: Evan Curby

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