Abstract Micro-Testimony

Credit to the amazing artist: Artur Szygulski as I borrowed this wonderful image from his work posted on Bēhance.

This Audio project reflects some thoughts that I wrote down one day after driving through slow traffic and observing a burst of wind gliding through a tree. In that moment time slowed almost to a stop for me, as I watched a flurry of crispy dead leaves cycle through the waving branches forming an intrinsic and swirling design, until it lightly kissed the side walk and continued on down as if they were alive and had another place to rush away to.

In that moment it hit me.. this was a symbol of my testimony of what God did for me. I was on my way to a dentist appointment, but when I pulled into the parking lot I had to write, I had to record this, because it was beautiful, because it was perfect. Because it was mine.

This marked one of the most powerful turning points of my entire life. It represents a day for me that I surrendered because I couldn’t do life my way any longer, I would have rather died.. but I was saved. I was delivered. I was made new.

Life is so precious.

Never give up!

By: Sarah Andrews