Passages Tally-Ho

I had a few things I was trying to accomplish from this blog.  One was to demonstrate the anxiety and rage I feel when the Passages Malibu drug rehab commercial would come on every fifteen seconds while watching tv.  Along with that I planned to demonstrate a moment in my every day addiction to this food thru, “sound.”

From the beginning it has noise of me in the kitchen, grabbing a knife and chopping up some broccoli.  A gentle pause as I flick on the TV.  From there the rest of the story unfolds.  I am truly grateful of how close the soundtrack I found, emulates such an exactness to the original commercial.  Anyone who has heard this track will have an out of body experience.  Close your eyes and breath deep.  Relive the smooth sounds from the passages commercial, clinch your fists, bite your tongue, and enjoy my spin on it.

It truly does feel good, that I could take a personal addiction of mine and blend it with an every day real life issue, without really stepping on anyones toes and feelings. I hope. Anyways, the main message thru this ,from me to my viewers, is to allow yourself to be humorous and light with our everyday addictions, we all have our vices.  And we must take that first step that recovery suggests.  Admitting oneself powerless, and that our lives have become unmanageable.  So get out there, and get some.