The Interview



In past blogs I’ve mentioned that I wanted to be an actress. So I thought it would be fun to imagine what it would be like to be on a talk show and plug my upcoming movie. I made up a character- Abigail St. Martin, a performer who may be past her ingenue days but is still a major player.
Then I wrote a small scene where she is interviewed by the handsome and charming TV host Randolph McNaughton. A bit of fantasy. During the course of the interview Abigail and Randolph find themselves becoming instantly and increasingly attracted to each other. My husband played the role of Randolph and we had a fun time of it. Got to do a little flirting.

What I wrote came out sounding a little cheesy. But it was cute and fun. There were challenges. Getting the sound effects to match up was difficult. I had my son say a line and getting it isolated away from the “aws” we recorded at the same time into the space was not easy. But once it was done it sounds great. May be the best part of the whole thing.

One of my fears is that some of my longer speeches might be a little boring. But I think it leads into my son’s funny line. Then Randolph’s last line before announcing a commercial break is funny and helps wrap things up.

By Melissa Norton