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I find myself a lot on this blog. I like the fact that you can go to this blog and search for any review or video on car’s you want to know about. This is a great site for information,such as their test drive’s, rating’s, and comfort. Many of the blogger’s on this site like to review the comfort of the vehicle. For example, the great part of AutoBlog is that you are able to get 360′ degree view of the interior, and view other people’s review’s/comments on any type of vehicle you desire. This is just a few of many more resourses this blog site has to offer for the average car guy or girl. Autoblog to me looks very well put togther. It seem’s to me that it is a porfessional grade blog site. Many people/bloggers have key factor’s that make this blog run everyday. This lead’s me to believe that this blog is produced by many author’s/ car people ,on this blog. Their are many other auto blog’s out there, but this one is by far my favorite one.

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