P6 – Final Project


For my 6th and final project of the quarter for this class, I have decided to make a video about my travels around the world.


I was inspired to make this video because I am someone who is very keen on travelling, as I believe that it is a very important part of life. First of all, the traveller experiences something other than what they are used to. Getting out of ones comfort zone is important because it forces you to keep an open mind. You will certainly run into situations that you have never experienced before and learn how to deal with things differently than you are used to.


Ultimately it makes you a better person, who is more open to the world around you and more accepting of all the different circumstances of life. I encourage people to travel as much as possible because it will open peoples minds in ways never believed possible; there is a lot of self discovery involved in the process as well, and it is interesting to see how you may handle different situations. The world is a vast place and there is so much to see and therefore I believed it to be important to show what is possible.

And to finish it off with an inspirational quote…

“Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless, and don’t be sorry.”


– Jack Kerouac

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