“A Different Path” – By Karl Reindel

What I was trying to accomplish.

I wanted to work on a project that was interesting to make, as well as interesting to watch. I have a curiosity about learning time laps photography. I enjoy putting together projects that are produced from still photography, though I am learning to appreciate video in this project. I expect when I take VP 1 and 2, I will learn more (and become more proficient) regarding video production, from the camera operators’ perspective. My goal was to explore the possibilities and finish with a good result that people will enjoy.


My experience with this assignment.

This was an interesting assignment in that I had a couple ideas and had to decide what to go with for the proposal and the end product. I picked the things I have a passion for, which included video games (“Let’s Play” videos), certain types of genre like “Saturday Night Live” (maybe a short like “Mr. Bill”), and finally art and wine. I wound up choosing art and wine, which had a number of developmental growth stages.

I am interested in time laps photography. Kun inspired me to pursue that interest with this project in some way. I started out thinking about a skit like the “Red Green Show” segments of “home movies,” similar to the “Mr. Bill” shorts idea in a lot of ways. As things progressed, I found I was more interested in doing a single story about a “rogue artist” in a Sip and Create class.

Now, I needed to figure out the story and working with time laps. I actually had a couple plans for the vignette. As it was, alternate plans are a good thing, since on the day of my first shoot, my original talent was ill and could not make it to the event. Plan A was out, due to illness. I had Plan C, to reschedule the shoot and change the script a bit for the re-shoot if need be. But I thought, why waste the day, let’s see what develops here. And I can always go to Plan C. I am happy to say that Plan B worked out great.

I got some great shots and footage at the event with new volunteer talent. My new story went well with what was going on and I got enough material for this project. I like the resulting story better than my original scripts for Plan A and C. Rick Simms calls this a “serendipitous opportunity.” I think from what I have heard in the visiting artists’ series, here at school, one needs to learn to take what is given and run with it; think outside the box.

I was not able to fit my video footage into the final project. I have included it as a bonus reel, that may be interesting to watch. The video is a time laps of the process. Maybe I will use it for another project.

5 thoughts on ““A Different Path” – By Karl Reindel

  1. Christopher Palanuk

    Well executed title. I like it though I don’t think that it matches the theme song or the idea. Did you mean for it to be 3:47 seconds? Or is that just YouTube playing tricks again? At any rate, there is too much repetition. The joke with the glass drained to near zilch works, but the repeated expression on her face gets long in the tooth. Just my opinion.


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