Intro to Media Arts Final Project


This project wasn’t nearly as rushed as “Five Pointless Pleasures for the Scatterbrained.”

I kind of owe this getting done in time to Jacob, the man in the chair up above this description. And not only for this, but my final for MUL 105 as well. I basically texted him to see if he had any advice, and admittedly to complain a bit. I thought he hadn’t even gotten the text until he showed up on campus ready to film an hour later!


I’m not gonna lie, this class was stressful for me. I had absolutely no idea as to how a Mac works when I walked in the first day. Honestly, I’m not sure i really do now, but I’m closer than I was back then. I definitely learned that I do not make a good director, save for simple directions. I’m not assertive enough, I guess. I always feel bad telling someone they did something wrong and I don’t know why.


Before the video project (Project 4, I think?) and the final (See above) I had never really embraced the sillier side of me at all. It was interesting, but if I can help it, I think I’ll stick to more serious things from now on.


Have a nice spring break.

Theresa, thank you for putting up with me for ten weeks. I’ll be the first person to admit I’m a difficult student at best.