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I had the pleasure of interviewing an Audio Engineer that has worked in the industry for a few years. In the interview I asked him some questions that were obviously geared towards Audio Engineering. Eliezer Gonzalez is an Audio Engineer for Vertixmusic Entertainment, LLC which is an independent record label. Eliezer (Uri) has grown up around music, his older brother is into music and would drag him along to places that he would be attending and Uri just had a passion for it. Uri has been doing Audio Engineering  professionally for about three years. He’s worked with a few well known bands such as “Isaias With His Band”. During the interview I asked Uri some Questions, here is what I asked him

1. What makes you interested in audio engineering?

2. Where do you see your career going in the future?

3. How long have you done audio engineering?

4. Do you want to further your education with audio engineering?

5. Producing music/ likes and dislikes?

6. Would you be interested in being a mixing/mastering engineer?

7. What motivates you to keep going when you get stumped or feel like quitting?

8. How much time do you spend on each project from start to finish in estimated hours?

9. Favorite part of producing a beat? 

Uri answered all of my questions professionally and to the best of his ability. I think the best part of this interview is how we kind of got lost in just talking as “friends” and not really following a structure or following these questions. We got lost in talking about music and Audio Engineering and we really enjoyed talking one on one and discussing our passion. My favorite question that I asked him was question eight. “8. How much time do you spend on each project from start to finish in estimated hours?” His answer was pretty funny as each project is completely different and can range from weeks to months to complete.  Although, he did come up with an answer. His answer was an estimated 64 hours that it takes to complete a song start to finish, including Mixing and mastering. This interview was really fun and really laid back we both enjoyed the talk. On question four when I asked him “4. Do you want to further your education with audio engineering?” He replied with “Yes I would like to further my education I plan on going to school to learn more about music and Audio Engineering. I was self taught and I think it would be good to learn new things in school. I also continue my education by myself by reading articles and watching lots of tutorials on youtube.” I feel like we are the same in that way because I watch tons of tutorials to improve my sound and the quality of my music and I teach myself a lot of new things on a daily basis. Im glad that this project was assigned to us because I ended up learning a lot about someone else and got a preview into the industry.

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