W16-X4 Info Interview/ Professional Practices

BY: Cameron Belgrave

I choose to Interview Matt Palma for my informal interview because i am interested in audio and video editing.  Matt is my friend who is a student at U of O.  He works religiously in the UO Duck TV program, coordinating interviews, recording footage of athletes, producing, and even taking pictures on the field at the Ducks games. It may impress you that someone my age holds all of this responsibility, but thats just the half of it. Matt also occasionally anchors for the Duck TV news as well.  Active on and off camera, this guys knows what he is doing, and he is good at it. I sat down with Matt and asked him a few short questions about his current field. First, i asked him how much work goes into editing and filming. He told me that it differs for him because sometimes his schedule doesn’t work out with some of the athletes he interviews, and it can sometimes take days to weeks to put together just one full video/feature. He said his editing alone (post filming) often takes hours to go through all of his footage to pick out the good shots needed to complete his project.  He also went on to tell me that Even though he isn’t getting paid for all of his work for Duck TV, it it really good, and professional experience for himself and his resume.  He often works on athlete features and narrates over the video on a separate mic. unnamed.png

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