A guy who shoots photos

me            I am a self-taught photo guy. Not like lots of people likes to call themselves “professional photographer”, I refer to myself as a guy who shoots photos.  I think shooting photos is not a job, it is part of my life. And there’s not a thing can stop me from doing it. At least one photo a day, up to thousands. However, I found out that the tricky thing about photography is even though you took a thousand photos a day, there is no guarantee that you will get the one you always looking for. For example, when I’m taking photos of the wildlife, specially birds, a thousand photos a day is like a regular number for me. And usually I will only pick thirty or less form the thousand. (But I will always keep all the photos in my hard drive, they are part of my life and also part of who I am.)

For this first photo on this blog, it was taken couple months ago. (If you noticed that I was wearing a walk boot. That was I broken my ankle by doing Muay Thai.) Like I said I don’t think there is anything can stop me from shooting photos. I went up to Spencer around 4am. Encounter a cougar half-way through the trail. (Trust I know what a cougar looks like, and it was defiantly not a bobcat.) After I scared away the cougar, I asked myself “should I keep going up, or I should go back down?” And I told my self “I’m here for the sunrise photos, and a cougar is not going to stop me form doing it.” Then, I went up to the top, and got some of my favorite shots. top

3 thoughts on “A guy who shoots photos

  1. Carissa Carlin

    I love that you feel that taking photos is a part of your life and not a job. It is a great feeling to love what you do.

  2. Karl Reindel

    I like the photo you took. You have a lot of experience in photography. It is great that you have a passion for photography.

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