Final Project – Le Jelli


I had a lot of fun with this project. Finally getting to apply the skills I have learned over the past year, both inside and outside of class, was extremely rewarding. It was also very cool to have the opportunity to poke fun at pretentious art-house films, because that is a style I very much love, but also see the flaws in. I was originally going to create a voice over monologue that would have played throughout the short, but I did not have enough time to write and record one. I also really thought about whether the monologue would have added, or taken away from, the final product. I figured that if the monologue was not recorded with nice equipment it would have made the whole production seem even more amateur than it already is. I firmly believe it is better to create something simple and polished, rather than overreach and create something that looks like crap. That is not to say that my final looks perfect – it has more than a few flaws. I was disappointed with the shakiness of a couple of the ECU shots specifically. All in all I am proud of what I have created, and I am very excited to continue making more stuff.