Murderous Clown

About 3 and a half years ago my little brothers made a video on youtube called Murderous Clown (1/2) but they never actually made a part 2.


Over Thanksgiving break I was over at my parents house and asked my brothers if they wanted to make a part 2 to their video. Hunter (the clown) was okay with it but thought that the whole video was dumb.  Devin (the kid running from the clown) though was really excited about my idea and was totally up for it.  The only problem though is he wanted to make it serious even though the original video that is flashed in the begging obviously wasn’t serious.  I wanted him to talk more like he did in the first video but he wouldn’t.

Despite some difficulties directing and getting the actors to do what I wanted them and my dog being annoying to I think it turned out pretty good.

The story is about a boy waking up from his house and going out to hunt for some food when he sees the killer clown from 3 years ago passed out.   He thinks the clown is dead but then it gets up and goes after him.  It ends with a flash back of the clown pwning Devin then back to Devin who pwned the clown