Moonlit Night- IMA P6

What do I say about this project? It was fun to work on despite the stressful time constraints and I found myself really attached to the characters and wanting to flesh out their stories more. Gosh golly I wanted more time than three minutes but that’s ok. Honestly #1 Dad is my fave thing.

When Derek asked me to help him on this assignment I wasn’t sure what to think since usually I’m the one having to ‘spearhead’ project ideas. But when I read his story outline that this video was based on, I really liked it. Francis and Mizuki have a cute story that will be great once it’s fleshed out more. I liked the drawings Derek did and wish I had only done more justice to them in clean up (line art takes so long like wowy). But you bet your boopy that I got really quick at slapping out frames in photoshop by the end of this. Heck yeah.

In this video we went back and forth on the idea of it being like a trailer for the comic or just a summary of the story. We went with the later and even though we omitted Mizuki’s suicidal episode, I hope you still get an idea of their relationship. I like the idea of having two people care for each other whether they end up romantically together or not. I know what it’s like spending time with very important people and knowing it’s all on borrowed time.

Thanks Derek for letting me help with your children on this project. The whole group effort was a relief and really fun, thanks for the motivation when I wanted to die. We did it ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ (Psssst if you want to redo this for the spring art show I’m up for helping out).

This project gave me a few ideas for some things I know I want to get done for the spring show. I guess expect an animatic/comic for the Jade Project.