Oregon Cannabis Legalization Documentary

I wasn’t really sure what to do for this project, so I looked at the project ideas at the very end of the assignment page and decided to do a short documentary about cannabis legalization in Oregon.

My wife works at The Greener Side, one of the busiest dispensaries in town, so I was able to shoot some video in there one morning before they opened, and get a short interview with the owner, Joseph Hopkins. I also have a medical marijuana card and a grower, so I interviewed him in his growroom.

I interviewed a friend who lived in Coloado in 2012 when recreational cannabis was legalized there, and then he moved here before it was legalized here. He’s been to dispensaries in both those states, and Washington, which are the only states that currently have recreational dispensaries, so I interviewed him, but I could tell soon after I started editing that there was no way I would fit everything I wanted to cover in the three minute time limit, so I never put any of his interview into my edit.

There was another segment I never put into my edit because of the max run time. It was about a local cannabis convention called Ganjacon that happened in October. I didn’t have any video from it, just a few photos, so it was one of the things I was fine cutting. Even without including either of those segments or any kind of conclusion, I still had to go back and shave off four seconds. Fitting the video into the three minute time limit was the most difficult part of this assignment for me.